RIDE Initiatives

Though we often find ourselves daydreaming of carefree powder days, the realization of environmental stewardship has become a priority in the Ride office, causing us to focus on a greener way of living and working. From the engineering table all the way to the home front, Ride employees are encouraged to bare a keen eye for opportunities to protect mother earth, incentivizing bike programs, carpools, and the use of post-consumer recycled materials in our product packaging and paper consumption.

Our snowboard packaging is extremely minimal and the packaging we do use is fully recyclable shrink-wrap. We use a 100% naturally derived biodegradable wax formula on all of our boards. Almost every Ride snowboard uses full swap die-cut bases, which eliminates a significant amount of waste that otherwise would go to landfills and does not require any inks or solvents like many standard bases. Ride’s Membrain® top sheet technology cuts out more than half of the plastic used on traditional top sheets, and our Hempbrain™ top sheet eliminates the traditional plastic top sheet altogether.

Our boot packaging utilizes paper separators and a recycled cardboard foot form, both of which are consumer recyclable. All Ride boots feature 30% recycled EVA backing in the shell.

All of Ride's binding baseplates and heelcups are made from roughly 50% recycled aluminum, and much like your empty beer cans, are 100% consumer recyclable.

What is RIDE doing to lessen their environmental impact?

At RIDE, we have begun making strides in the right direction and have implemented processes to help reduce our impact on the environment by reducing waste.


  • Eliminated PVC board bags
  • Using 100% recyclable shrink wrap


  • Recyclable Boxes and toe stuffing
  • Recycled EVA backing


  • Recyclable aluminum baseplates and discs

At global headquarters, we have implemented numerous processes such as electronically stored files, using paper that is made up of 30% post consumer material, and providing commuter incentives to bike, carpool and bus to work. We will continue to address how we can improve upon these measures throughout all aspects of our business.